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Name:Makenai yo! A Magical Girl Dressing Room
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"You have been accepted to..."

The words echo through your mind, clear as a bell, strong as a storm, as you go through your day-to-day routine. All at once, the world begins to change. It isn't an unpleasant change, as the world slowly starts to fade into muted tones, sounds filtering away to the distant ringing of a clock tower bell. Strange architecture replaces the usual, mundane world you have come to know, like a fairy tale you have somehow, accidentally been placed into.
As the old fades away, giving way to new, you find yourself in front of a pair of gates, before a strange, impressive structure. Someone stands stationary there, waiting patiently as you get your bearings.
"Don't worry, it's always like that the first time."
A letter. You find that you have a letter in your hand. The envelope left unopened, you take a moment to look inside to read its contents. It is an acceptance letter. You weren't aware that you applied to anything. The figure at the gates stands there, waiting for you to finish reading, and, once confusion has finally set in, they finally leave their post.
"Welcome. Come with me, we have a lot to talk about."

✦ ✧ ✦

Makenai yo! is a Magical Girl Dressing Room designed to give players the freedom to explore a setting where magical individuals and the villains who challenge them learn to be great. Students and faculty are admitted to either school, where they will learn or teach what it is to be a defender of good or evil, all while juggling homework and a social life.

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